Something about us

Who is Hurlio

It is a close-knit team of young Italian entrepreneurs expressing their passion for fashion, giving life to the original Hurlio brand. Measuring with the new trends, Hurlio wants to present in the vast panorama of streetwear the best of the MADE in ITALY production, in terms of quality of the materials used and of the manufacture.

Hurlio was born therefore with the desire to create prestigious garments, paying utmost attention to research and to the attention to detail.

The charge and the personality of each Cape Hurlio, is therefore dedicated to those who no longer want to be confused and approved.

Are you ready to dress up Hurlio to distinguish yourself?

Let free your shuot!”



The Collection


Metropolitan, gritty and daring: This is the Hurlio style, designed for women with character who want to "scream their own selves."


The collection takes inspiration from the urban-street world, but reinterprets it, giving a cool touch to each garment, embelliking it with details such as stones, embroidery and anything else that can make it unique.

The attention to detail is evident in every Cape Hurlio: T-shirts, sweatshirts in the over or crop version, skirts and sweatshirt dresses are perfect creations for women who live casually and Grintail day and night.


Our Philosophy

I exist.

It is not the incipit of a novel but a definite cry, a vibration that starts from the expression of Munch to fully represent the philosophy Hurlio. Everything starts from here.

It is a first cry: the desire to affirm its own existence, the bond between oneself and the world. The natural reaction to life.

It is a liberating, cathartic act: a right to fragility even for the smallest of beings.

It is a swift and imperceptible flutter of wings that shakes the sea that moves time.

A scream that rips through habits and conformism, which speaks all the accents of the world, which does not translate into violence and greed but that makes freedom his most beautiful outfit.